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Such a battery doew not require any of its won energy to be kept at its opt=
imum operating temperature. The vehicle itself will need to have a heat=
er for the humans it is transporting (except those in very worm climates). =
Choices for this (including de-fogging) are electric resistance or the comb=
ustion of hydrocarbons. There are small space hearters sold to truckers =
who sleep in their cabs which could be installed by electric car manufactur=
ers. Fuel possibilities include gasoline, diesel, or bottled gas. (VW va=
ns have offered an optional mini-furnace similar to these for at least 45 y=
ears.) If these were supplied on electric cars they would use very littl=
e fuel to heat the battery year-round and additionally save lots of electri=
city from being diverted to resistance heating for passengers. Fuel can=
isters might need replacement weeks apart in cold weather (most calories go=
ing to passengers) or last for months in warmer weather. What's not to


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