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Item number 130480517117 is Kelly Controller 96 V / 600 A. Is this thing=
worth anything? The starting bid is 9.99. I hear they are hard to wi=
re. Requires a 0-5V, not 0-5k throttle.

I know some of their initial ones had issues, but this is the 600 Amp model=
. Is that OK to use at 96 V on a small EV? I am looking to replace my=
old controller and this has to be better than what I have . Well I thin=
k it should be at least.

I know the horror stories though. I've heard them about every controller=
though. $9.99 looks like a deal to me.

Maybe good for an electric bike. Maybe a small car?

Problem is the manual for that s/n is no longer on their website. Does a=
nyone have it in PDF?



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