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[evdl] L6-50

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I've been looking at plug standards that might be useful for plugging in
EVs and/or making heavy extension cords for the public events we go to.

I've noticed something that has me completely baffled. NEMA has a
designation for an L6-50 plug, and I've looked online and found a lot of
folks (apparently including electrical professionals) claiming there is
no such designation, which is obviously untrue. The diagram for it can
be viewed here, among plenty of other places:

This, one would think, would be the official North American standard for
a 240VAC, 50A locking plug, since NEMA defines those standards.

Problem is, L6-50 devices (plug, connector, inlet) do not seem to exist
in the material world. Apparently no manufacturer produces devices to
this spec. Instead there's this non-NEMA "California standard" CS8265N
plug design, that seems to be what everyone has decided is the way we're
supposed to do 50A locking plugs.

Anyone have any background on how this happened?

Christopher Robison
[email protected] <-- 1999 Isuzu Hombre + Z2K + Warp13!

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