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Since the Leaf will be sold in Europe as well as in the USA, I wonder
if the 120 volt convenience charger might actually be able to be
plugged into 240 volts. Are the Leafs sold in EU equipped with a
different on-board charger than the ones sold in the USA? Or is just
the cord different?

How fast will the EU Leafs charge via the on-board 240 volt
convenience charger? If the charger does, indeed, pull the full
wattage available from the ordinary 240 volt EU outlet, then it would
be worth swapping the cord. (A 240 volt, 16 amp outlet is quite
ordinary in the EU.)

It will be interesting to see.

I should note that the NEC rules in the USA only permit "normal"
plugs to be used at 120 volts, 20 amps, so the Nisson folks would not
be able to legally supply the 240 volt "normal" European cord to a
USA customer, even if such a cord would technically work with a USA Leaf.

Supplying such a "cheater" EU charging cord and matching EU outlet
might actually be a very profitable little "EV business". You could
market it to folks that are "planning to take their car to the EU".
;-) If the charger is different in the EU, then perhaps a "spare
parts" charger business might be the ticket.

Bill D.

>No, it is not necessary to buy the exorbitantly priced charging
>station. I ordered mine without and intend to 110v charge until a more
>reasonable charging station product is offered. There are already
>several announced at prices of less than $1,000. I wouldn't be
>surprised to see $200 charging stations available in the near future.
>For discussion of Leaf issues, see:
>BTW, I mostly charge my EV (which has a longer range than a Leaf) with
>a 1.5KW charger; that should be about the power of the Leaf 110v

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