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In the 1940's, before I could afford my first VOM ($13 used)
I did all my trouble shooting with light bulbs. I think
they forced me to think harder and learn more. I still have
a large collection of various sizes.

They can be used as crude ammeters, current limiters, and
for circuit protection. Diagnosing unknown transformers
safely is almost a pleasure. And don't forget the
pre-charge application.

I have made LEDs that are dim or full bright with just
a simple resistor and diode.

I converted all my EV dash bulbs to LEDs, I'm working
on running and brake lights now. My source of LEDs
is from the local traffic signal maintenance crew,
with thanks to the week-end drunks hitting traffic
signals. The current walk/don't walk LEDs are white
and orange.

Back to back reverse parallel LED's will work on AC,
and can be used to indicate polarity on DC.

But don't underestimate the lowly incandescent bulb. They
are truly a great electronic device.

John, skeptic in Sylmar, CA

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