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[EVDL] Lee Harts balancer used with buddy paired batteries & a bad boy with variac.

Hi Lee and all,

I'm a fan of the Rudman regulators but after seeing your design I though they would work well with a variac controlled bad boy on my motorcycle. I'm thinking the weatherizing that can be done is superior to a Rudman Reg which is not so good when moist or let alone wet. That being said if I found the sweet spot on the variac it would take a long time to charge and not challenge the Hawkers thus giving short life. I'm thinking a two stage manual charging scheme where you pump in 10 amps to 80 percent and then cut back to the peak charging voltage letting the system balance it's self at about a half amp or less. Another twist I thought of was a panel with all the bulbs together(for easy checking) or is the length of the wired bulb part of the regulation scheme? If so could you use the length of the wire to the bulb to balance the voltage? I'm using 20 buddy paired batteries for a voltage of 120. I'm thinking one regulator per battery rather than one
per buddy pair. Thanks a bunch Lee. Lawrence Rhodes.

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