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[EVDL] let me teach you nothing ?

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Hi Phil,

I only saw part 1 seemed ok to me

Martin wrote

>The only technical issue I had with the content was the eventual use
of what appeared to be a solid coupler which,<

I though I saw a lovejoy flash by in the beginning and It looked like
the one half had splines in it for the tranny shaft . I have never
seen them for sale with the splines in them. Also using to small a
Lovejoy is not good , in the pic it did look small but if the power
is low may OK.

>I was also pleased to see that despite 2 fairly mean YouTube comments
posted by you that Ben replied politely and factually - something that
all of us can aspire to.<

Ok in Phil's defence maybe he dose know a whole lot more about EV's
and seeing a new guy talk about them has upset him . Some times the
old pro's feel things should be "done right or not done at all" . I
did not see all the videos just the first .
Steve Clunn

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