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[EVDL] life decisions: was :Re: It is time to raise the bar, to more Sophisticated Co

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I am one to blame for not sending my buck-a-month to Lee Hart so I am
not blaming anyone, but life decisions for me theses days are something
similar to this Sketchup- LiFePos? Sketchup- LiFePos? Sketchup- LiFePos?
or because my friends are sick and tried of my begging for iMac time on
their laptops to edit my EV drag race stuff; its: new computer[or used
one]-LiFePos?-new computer[or used one]-LiFePos?-new computer[or used

LiFe.. wins EVery time. Know any battery dealers that will take $7K in Honey in exchange for batteries??? LOL
had the same experience with sketch-up...maybe there wasn't enough
space on my harddrive.. Is it now impossible to share software among
team members??? Why can't someone LEND Lee Hart the technology to get
his project documented??
Sorry about your buck-a-month, Lee .. I had to redirect the funds...

I don't shop where I can't charge.

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