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Hi EVerybody;

A List message??? YES! I'm Back? Having serious EV withdrawl whatevers.
Resubscribed again, with my other addie. Lets see if this one stays on?

Maybe SOMEbody came up whether IS there a K and W Charger? Still in biz?
In Marion Iowa?It's part time. Open it up, diddle a bit and it comes on
strong. Umplug it ,and plugitin a day later. Fan goes, hums along but NO
output, nothin! Guess I have a crody connection? It runs a small SCR and a
full wave bridge setup, a small printed circuit board. Wonder IF you could
drive the SCR with a Light dimmer across the gate?I guess the heart of it,
the board, is the control to the SCR gate? As it, the charger has 2 pots,
for amps AND volts.Like IF it gets SO worse that It won't work at all. Nice
fan, though. Sigh.Anybody else diddled sucessfully with these?

Back again?


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