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[EVDL] Looking for 2 used EV parts (contactor and PB-6 potbox)

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I am making some changes to one of my EVs and I need a new (new to me that =
is) Albright SW-200 and Curtis PB-6. I am not looking to spend a fortune=
as that the car isn't that nice. I know people have old parts laying ar=
ound and are parting out EVs. Here is a chance to clear some stuff out o=
f your garage and help me that the same time. I know that the nuts on th=
e Albright SW-200 are locking and one time use. OK. If it is used, ju=
st leave off the nuts. I'll get new ones. Just don't try to screw the=
m back on or you will ruin the studs. I've changed these nuts before and=
it isn't that big of a deal as long as you don't strip the studs. Conta=
ct me off list if you can help me out with some used parts.




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