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[EVDL] looking for the mating connector for the Ford/Siemens AC motor tach connector

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My motor has arrived. Now I need a cable harness mating connector for
the tach and temperature sensor port. it is a gray plastic automotive
looking connector with three numbers on it.

The first number is stamped on the shell in black ink 71216

The next two numbers are molded into the plastic


Various web searches have shown that the second molded number has
attributes of Ford connectors, but no exact match. I was hoping to
work backwards from the motor's connector number to the mate that I

The connector has 6 pins, but looks like it is capable of more. It
looks similar to the connector used on the Ford Ranger DC/DC converter.

Anyone have the mate for the motor connector, or know of a source for


Paul Wallace
'94 USelectricar S10 still in rebuild mode.

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