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[EVDL] Mass hatchings of the - Zilla, was: EV controllers

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Wonder why Otmar, doesn't bring a company like,
Kimball Electronics (Jasper Indiana) in, for the
manufacturing of the ZILLA's.

He's got the design, let them do the manufacturing.
We used to build/stuff all of our electronic circuit
boards, and then we realized it was smarter to farm
them out to these guys, who then were known as K-Byte
in Michigan. They do a wonderful job, and can produce
as many as he'd ever want, in a consistent fashion.
This way, he'd have time to design/tweak that AC
controller - LOL

I'd invest, and am sure others would also, in order to
try and help get a production run up. I'm poor, but I
realize a good product when I see one, and would put
in what I could to help.

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> than criticize him, people should be INVESTING in
> CafeElectric so he
> can hire more people to MAKE more of em faster!

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M. Barkley

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