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[EVDL] Matts MTC was, how good is the warp 9 motor?

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--- "R. Matt Milliron" <[email protected]> wrote:

> I agree. But Jim's work is well worth the price.

Hey Matt, all

Hell I should have charged you double after that guy,
LMAO Your just lucky my daughter loves Picachu 8^)
well that and I wanted to get my eyeballs on an MTC
8^P and then the fact I watched you get shafted
pretty good 8^o Actually the real reason was because
"my" little voice said to help you out best I could
and the older I get the more I've learned to listen to
it. On this motor there really was a win, win on many

I did end up finding a small ground in the armature
(although not one I would have thought would cause a
bad bleed through) but was able to remove it and then
insulate it properly. I also found, when I pulled the
field coils (which no one had to date) and found the
two field pairs lead connection was improperly
connected and they broke in half when I gave them a
little tweak test (this had been a lasting connection,
but also one that could have went at any time)(in
general not good). The brushes were also in need of
changing and they appeared to be aftermarket at that.
I decided to put in some MGP-12H which is the same
grade as the ADC brush. It's lead is a bit shorter
than the older ("A" terminal in the housing brush
though, so I adjusted the leads to be closer to their
brush holders with some minor tweaking. Matt's motor
was also subject to lots of acid and rust issues which
was cleaned up 8^)

> I do not have a new motor. However, I do have a
> custom, better than new, motor.

Well I'd like to think so to 8^) Wish I had got to it
before all that red paint (just five minutes in a dark
room with that guy is allll it'd take I tell ya 8^o

It's been somewhat funny but I have found a little
rash of factory defects (all different makers even)
that have been sent to me (couldn't make this stuff
up) and it really shows that EVen the best design
don't mean anything if the guy on the floor building
it is dreaming of his girlfreind 8^o or fishing 8^P

Jim checked it out,<snip><blah, blah 8^P>
> Advanced my timing.

Yeah here's a Jimbo for ya...
I assumed Matt was running a lower voltage and one the
motor had been running at already, until after I had
it built 8^o Being the leads are set in the housing
and locked behind a field coil lead, and needed to be
removed, it had a little of that nice guy finishes
last taste to it, LMAO!! 8^) YUMMY

Anyway I ended up rotating the CE plate just enough to
drill a new hole in the housing (while not touching
it, LMAO,) which sets him at about 10 degrees for a
CCWDE rotation. I had to move the attachment point on
the brush leads about 1/2 an inch which is more than
the plate but allowed the leads to be a little closer
to the holders, which ended up better than it had been

> Check my EVDL site it's purdy!

Compared to that rust bucket you had EVen the red was
better, hehe. Sure hope Ken keep tweety out of the
water before his looks like that 8^o LMAO.

It makes a nice before and after album for sure. I
have a ton of pics to post and I will get them up best
I have time for. I'm an old Prestolite fan so it
really was a pleasure to get this baby back up to
snuff (or would that be "Pica-power" hehe.

Anyway I really only have two rules and that's build
it like it was for myself, and treat people like I'd
like to be treated, well and try and make a little
profit 8^) FWIW you guys add a bit of color to an old
motor dogs life so the door swings both ways.

I guess all that's left to say is... You go boy 8^)
Can't wait to hear you're up and running! Maybe
Picachu will do a little tweety hunting 8^o hehe

Jim Husted
Hi-Torque Electric

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