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Oh! I have one too!! a sedan "urban truck " ever I hate to see i=
t crushed sine the tranny is so cool and steering so responsive..It even ha=
s a pink slip. I've got another mazda donor I am keeping
I am in the SF bay area

I don't shop where I can't charge.
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Subject: [EVDL] donor car available
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I acquired a 1983 Mazda 626 a couple of years ago as a future =

conversion project after I finished my electric motorcycle. Well, I'm =

still working on the motorcycle and I need the space, so I need to get =

rid of the car.

So is anybody looking for a free donor?

It's in good shape. No real rust. The engine is in it, but it's bad. =

Lots of extra body parts, seat, etc from a second car. Tires are not so =


This car is pretty light and has a low drag coefficient. A similar car =

was converted and well documented at:

His was a sedan version, mine is a fastback.


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