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Hi John,

You might know who I am from the EV list. I am trying to
get a local govmt agency to fund a couple of EVs for research and
maybe get a conversion business going. They have requested I get
some technology transfer (local is Chile, small southamerican
country very US oriented) so I am planning a trip to Oregon (aka
ev mecca) to meet you, Husted and Otmar.

I have to go to california next september, 12 and 13 to
be exact. I may be able to make a detour to meet you if you can.
Would you be interested? All I need is some time for a small
chat and, if possible, some help with directions to hotels and stuff.

Please let me know if you can help me, thanks.

Eduardo K. | Darwin pone las reglas. | Murphy, la oportunidad. |
| Yo.

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