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Hi EVerybody;

Especially in the Boston Red Sox area! The meeting will be at Ken Olum's
place in Sharon.Ma, around 2pm, as instructed below. No excuse, youse Bean
town guyz, Come on out! While on a roll here plan on the Christmas meeting
at O'Conners in Worchester, MA as we have done along, since the Tony Acrizzi
days.Dave O. Bill G. got yur ears on, We can Prius Pool up on Sat.Give me a
hollar CT guyz.Times ticking down. I guess the Jan. meeting might be back at
my place in CT?We can spread it around.

Seeya Sat.

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Sent: Monday, November 05, 2007 10:52 PM
Subject: directions

> Hey, Bob. Brian put the directions on the web page, so you can just
> look at, or more specifically

> I know how to get there, Sharon, by train, but I won't be bringing that!
> Amtrak barely has enought trains as it is!

For subscription options, see
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