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[EVDL] Moto-Mundo: 2 Qashqai EV-conversions go around the world ts:130kmph range:200k

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Detroit 2011: Moto-Mundo duo loves traveling around the world in an =

electric Qashqai by Sebastian Blanco Jan 14 2011
Without any major incident, the Moto Mundo duo =96 Nina Rasmussen and =

Hjalte Tin =96 arrived at the Detroit Auto Show this week to share their
story about driving from Europe to China and then across the U.S. and
back to Europe in an electric vehicle. The Danish writers and =

adventurers are taking two converted all-electric Nissan Qashqais on =

this journey, and shared a collection of pictures and stories with the
U.S. media.

Nina and Hjalte said that their journey around the globe has been =

nothing but wonderful. People all along the way, Hjalte said, seemed =

to know that electric vehicles promise a good future, even if they had
never seen one before. The couple's pictures showed many instances of
generous people in Russia and China giving them free electricity. =

When this wasn't available, they sometimes strung extension cords out =

of hotel windows to recharge the cars. They've been traveling the =

world for decades, and said that doing so in an electric car is a bit
more engaging than some of their other journeys have been because most
people were so excited to see and touch an electric car.

Even having their liquid-fueled generator stolen in the American =

southwest didn't dampen their spirits. The generator was used to =

recharge the vehicles in totally remote places like the middle of the =

Gobi desert and, since it is meant to power European electronics, Nina
kidded that she hope the thief blew up his computer when he tried to =

power it from the 250V Danish outlet.

The couple is now traveling east from Detroit and plans to be back in =

Denmark in May after participating in the Monte Carlo Rally for =

electric cars. Read more about their adventures here and listen to =

most of their presentation ...
[ ] presentation (21:30 min, 5.2MB): [
=A9 2011 AOL Inc. All rights Reserved.]
Moto Mundo's Nissan Qashqai Electric travels around the world to =

visit Detroit Auto Show by Sebastian Blanco Dec 21 2010 =

Nissan Qashqai Electric How far can an electric car go? All the way =

around the world, it turns out. That's the trip that two converted =

all-electric Nissan Qashqais are on, in the care of Danish writers and
adventurers Nina Rasmussen and Hjalte Tin. The duo (and their support
team) left Denmark last June, heading west. They stopped at the EXPO =

2010 in Shanghai and will also be making an appearance at the 2011 =

Detroit Auto Show. You can read about some of their adventures =96 =

listening to a Chinese GPS unit at 13,050 kilometers into the trip or =

dealing with "giant grasshoppers, horses, cows, sheep, goats and =

camels" in the Gobi desert =96 on the Moto Mundo blog, but for two =

writers on an around-the-world trip, they sure keep the entries short.

Now, about those Qashqai Electrics. They were developed and produced =

by [] in Denmark with help from the Danish Ministry of =

Climate and Energy, Continental and other groups. Based on Google =

Translate, the vehicles have top speeds of 130 kilometers per hour =

(81 miles per hour) and have a range of 200 km (125 miles) per charge
if speed is kept at just 80 kph (50 mph) =96 or 300 km (185 miles) at
"slow city driving." ...
[Source: NAIAS, Moto Mundo =A9 2011 AOL Inc. All rights Reserved.] =


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