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Hey Jude

I just wanted to give you a write about your motor
brush advancement. It sounds as if I advanced it for
the wrong direction if you tranny shaft rotates CCW
when looking at it.

You'll need to remove those 4 CE plate bolts and tap
the plate over to the farthest hole set on the other
side of the 3 hole set (the middle holes are for
neutral). I lost any pics I had of your motor before
building it up and set it up for the most common
rotation. Anyway I just wanted to get with you to
make sure it's right.

--- Jude Anthony <[email protected]> wrote:

> Jim Husted wrote:
> > (First I have to get the
> >
> >> batteries charged, the
> >> assembly with flywheel reduced and balanced, and
> the
> >> paint job done,
> >> though.)
> >>
> >
> > Man what you been doing while I had it hehe 8^P
> >
> Kids, mostly. And a power to manual steering swap,
> and searching for
> fuses. Oh, and...
> > much more it's gonna help and I'd prefer a closer
> > customer to test that part out LMAO!
> >
> No offense, but: ME TOO.
> > Jude what's your web address I know
> > you posted pics??
> >
> is my website. There are
> pictures, although I
> haven't gotten the sheared keyway up, yet. First I
> need to reprogram
> the blog to accept pictures in the comments.
> Jude

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