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[EVDL] Motor coupler issues / was Looking for a> Conversion Kit for a 1929 Ford.

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> but you know it's just hogging out those keyways.

It's funny how technical terms are different in different parts of the
country. Where I'm from, the term is "wallered".

As in: "That thing weren't tight enough, and it done wallered out that round
hole to an oval".

It's easy to see the hog connection- they're certainly good at enlarging
holes. I have no idea where "wallered" came from.

"The Stone Age did not end for lack of stone, and the Oil Age will end long
before the world runs out of oil."
- Sheikh Zaki Yamani

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> Date: Wed, 8 Aug 2007 16:21:19 -0400
> From: "Matt Graham" <[email protected]>
> Subject: Re: [EVDL] Motor coupler issues / was Looking for a
> Conversion Kit for a 1929 Ford.
> To: "'Jim Husted'" <[email protected]>
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> Hey Jim,
> At Steve Clunn's rally the year before last I sheared the smaller tailshaft
> key during a burnout. Here's a picture of the carnage:
> I had hoped that it was just the rearmost motor's output shaft, and that I'd
> be able to repair it at Steve's garage. Charles Whalen actually towed me the
> 5 miles or so using his RAV4 EV. Thanks again, Charles!
> Well, not to be left out, that shaft managed to get in on the action, too:
> Clearly all those burnouts and hard launches with sticky tires at the track
> did in the final output shaft. It literally took hours to pull the yoke off
> of that split shaft. The issue with the tailshaft of that same motor was in
> part due to the smaller 3/16" keyway that's standard on the smaller shafts.
> At least the 1 1/8" shafts get the 1/4" keys. Now there are hardened tool
> steel keys in place, but you know it's just hogging out those keyways.

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