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> So if I'm looking at this right, what you've got is three pieces,
> taper lock bushing, a hub that looks like a Chevy crank, and a small
> Tilton "flywheel" that bolts to the hub for the Tilton clutch assembly
> to bolt to?

Exactly, A very small "button" flywheel that had 109 teeth before I put
it in the lathe and cut them off. 12 lbs of total weight, 6 clutch, 6
I chose a 5-1/4 triple plate with no springs on the disk. Next time I
would use the 7-1/4 dual plate rally clutch. There are so many you can
get used from MR racing or ebay.
My motor bell, the one with the 12" register, set the motor back so the
pilot bushing goes in the crank adapter. I shortened it a bit and I let
the pilot shaft go thru into the clear hole in the warp 9's shaft. It is
not like I am gonna sit for any length of time with the clutch in and
the motor spinning.

> The motor shaft is drilled for the pilot shaft to shorten the
> adapter? So any balanced Chevy flywheel could bolt to that hub?
> Large or small Chevy flywheel pattern? How about that motor adapter,
> what does that adapt to?
The large "two part seal" style. The one that is most popular for
aftermarket chevy stuff.
> If that hub is what I think it is, I know what I want for Christmas :) .
> Marty

I remember Michelle was really helpful and they shipped as advertised
and quickly.

As I loop back, i think i would go dual motor in my next dc project and
to heck with all this adapting nonsense.

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