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[EVDL] Motor is coming back!!!

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Jim got my motor finished and it is beautiful! Bad paint job is a
thing of the past. It will be a shame to put the battery boxes back
in. No more short to ground!

He fixed the short and future failure points. A cold solder on the
field coils was bad and would have failed. A winding on the armature
was bent almost touching another, fixed. Heavy rust and acid crud
removed not painted over.

If I had sent my motor to Jim in the first place, even with
shipping, I would have saved money. I don't/won't recommend anyone

R. M. Milliron

1981 Jet Electrica

This machine has been garaged for 17 years.
I am upgrading it and getting it running. Tabitha,
my daughter, named it, "Pikachu". It's yellow and black,
electric and contains Japanese parts, so I went with it.

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R. Matt Milliron wrote:
> Jim got my motor finished and it is beautiful!

While you have the motor out can you measure the resistance
from each terminal? It might be nice for future reference,
and I may need it. I would also like a picture!

John in Sylmar, CA
1981 Jet Electrica

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