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For those of you not familiar with "Motor Age" I cut and pasted the next
paragraph from their web site. When I was young I remember my father getting
this magazine. He was the service manager at a Chrysler dealership. This is
a very mainstream magazine for automotive professionals.

"Motor Age is a monthly trade journal serving the professional automotive
repair industry. Founded in 1899, Motor Age was the first trade magazine
devoted exclusively to providing shop owners and technicians with the latest
information on automotive technology, technical service information and both
industry and product news to keep automotive service professionals abreast
of the latest industry changes and technical developments."

Here is the link to a pdh of this well written article. They only made one
major mistake and that was attributing the Zilla to John Wayland. Well the
press always has a hard time getting 100% accuracy.

Roderick Wilde

For subscription options, see
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