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Murdering the batteries before using them in an EV, Thats a new twist. ;-)

I have a similar situation in that 4 batteries are 1 week different than
the rest. 1 of those batteries is alwasys the first to go low voltage
warning and always the last to fill.

In other words, it has a higher internal resistance.
So, for example, when I drive and take 25 ah out of the pack, 27ah comes
out of that battery, 2 to heat from the internal resistance and 25 to
the controller. The rest of them dish out 26ah to get that same 25ah out
(they are in series, they must all put the same out the terminals)
During charge this resistance rears it's head again and that battery
wastes energy on charge taking longer to get full.

Such is living with lead.

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