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[EVDL] NEV/where is Steve Clunn

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Dennis Miles wrote
Rod, your not up to date, Steve and Audrey have been touring the USA
traveling from "Gig" to "Gig" as they circumnavigate the states,

Hi all
I got a opportunity to do some work in Ca , and things grew from
there . Drove across the USA stopping along the way . Audrey's put
our trip up on the Green shed site

Rod wrote
Thanks for the update, didn't know Steve was doing a tour.
I always liked Steve and his enthusiasm, but didn't see anything on his web=
about the tour.

Jon's got so much stuff on that web site , if it was there your
probable wouldn't find it . :)

Rod wrote
Hopefully Steve has a generator or windmill on the hood to keep the car
charged :)
(inside joke, Steve had a windmill contest years ago to make light of the s=
questions people
often asked about EV's. People that have been at this for the past 20 ye=
ars or
more like Steve and I know
what I'm referring to).

In some ways " EV business making money" kind of reminds me of those
days . Some say "It violates the laws of economics " never getting
out more that what you put in , mines losses which will probable show
up as heat ( mad owners, customers) . Others " just know" it can be
done , just get rid of that Back EMF( Empty your Mutual Fund). Maybe
that hidden money maker in the EV business world well be the EV Hood
Ornament ( or HO as we called it ) . There is kind of a void right
now ,, no new Nick-knacks on the market , like the bobble head dolls
or neon light under the cars . Maybe I'm out of touch , what is the
latest thing that's got the public attention .? I've though about a
water cooler HO to cool the controller's water but never got to it.
Steve Clunn

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