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[EVDL] New motor invented for the Smart EV

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Bruce wrote:
> it has a 30-kilowatt magneto-electric motor

Wow, Daimler has invented a new motor for the Smart,
or did their copy-writers just think of something
that sounded fancier than just a plain old electro-motor?

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Smart USA's careful roll-out is officially under way
Fortwo Electric Is Here, In A Small Way
by Pete Danko, February 5th, 2011

Smart USA's careful roll-out of its first electric version of the Fortwo
is officially under way. Finally. (Last June, the Daimler AG company had
said the the car would arrive in October 2010.) And not that you'll
likely notice it. A Mindy Kimball of Silver Spring, Md., became the
first person to get one of the tiny cars, the company announced, but
this isn't a typical electric vehicle (EV) roll-out, a la Volt or Leaf,
where a few hundred or so cars dribble into circulation each month.
Instead, Smart is leasing the Fortwo Electric Drive to a grand total of
250 people, members of "Team 250." They'll be treated like royalty, with
access to company EV experts, around-the-clock roadside assistance and
other perks.

As for the car, it has a 30-kilowatt magneto-electric motor and 16.5
kilowatt-hour lithium-ion battery. The government estimate on its range
is 63 miles (vs. 35 for the Volt in all-electric mode and 73 for
Nissan's Leaf). Using a Level 2 charger - which would need to be
specially installed - it can go from 20 percent to 80 percent charged in
3.5 hours, the company said. Fully charging a depleted battery would
take about eight hours.
Smart Fortwo electric drive, first customer, Mindy Kimball

The Smart plan is to use Team 250 to promote its EV aspirations. Then,
the company said, "Series production on next-generation vehicles for
retail sale through Smart USA's dealer network is expected in 2012."
Smart didn't outline lease costs, nor did it hint at what the vehicle
might sell for next year.

However, those interested in joining Team 250 can get more information
at [(c) 2011 EarthTechling LLC]

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