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Hi Everyone,

I wanted to let everyone know of some new products here at EV Source and
things that are going on that could benefit the whole EV crowd.

* WarP 9/ImPulse 9/WarP 11 Mounting feet:

These were designed for a customer that was installing dual WarP 9's in
a boat, and has worked out well. They have proven useful in a
conversion going on here. They could be used in quite a few ways to
help mount a motor. Price should come down some as quantities go up.

* WarP 9/ImPulse 9 speed sensor mounting adapter:

This has been on my to-do list for quite some time now. It's no fun to
get this great motor, have a great speed sensor, and then have to kludge
something together to make them mate. This is a relatively cheap
solution that should work for everyone except those planning on using
the tailshaft to drive an accessory (I haven't come up with a good
solution for this crowd yet). Best part about this mounting adapter -
it comes *free* to anyone that purchases a WarP 9 or ImPulse 9 motor
from here on out!

* LEV200 and EV200 contactors in stock:

These are really attractive contactors at a good price relative to what
is out there currently. I was informed that I was the first one ever to
request a certain configuration of the LEV200, and I'll probably be one
of the first and only online companies to carry the LEV200 with
auxiliary contacts. Unfortunately, the 10 I had in stock all sold out
quickly and I now have a lead time into December (hopefully not
longer). I do have the EV200 though with Aux contacts IN STOCK!

* PakTrakr in stock:

The PakTrakr is a great solution for monitoring individual batteries.
Keep your eyes open for other solutions from PakTrakr. There is a good
chance you'll be able to pick up one of these systems quicker from EVS
than direct from since we stock them (or attempt to
keep them in stock ... not perfect!).

* Zilla Liquid Cooling Kit:

A couple dozen liquid cooling kits have sold in the last 1-2 years, and
the kit keeps being modified to be simpler and better. The most recent
modification that is taking place is an integrated radiator/reservoir
design. It's not on the website yet, but keep your eyes out. I can't
say that it is the *perfect* solution, but I'm constantly striving to
improve it to be super-easy to install, and work good for every Zilla

* Zilla inventory:

CafeElectric is improving their lead times on Zillas, and I have been
working hard to get ahead of the game by ordering like crazy. I should
have several units coming available in the next several weeks!

* "Other" charge-management solutions

For those that have dug into the far-corners of the EVS website, they've
been able to find out some tid-bits of information on a piece of
charge/equalization management equipment that has been developed at
EVS. It is in very limited production right now, and in two
beta-testers hands. Expect to see it hit the website in the next couple
of months, or e-mail me directly if interested in the juicy details!
There are also some other fun projects going on around here, but I'm not
going to start announcing them until they are closer to hitting the market!

I'd be glad to entertain any questions on any of this!


- EV Source <> -
Professional grade electric vehicle parts and resources
E-mail: mailto:[email protected]
Toll-free: 1-877-215-6781

For subscription options, see
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