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[EVDL] new zilla for sale

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I had ordered a zilla for sombody and now can't get ahold of them , If anybody ordered a zilla from please e mail me as its ready and if I don't hear soon I'll let it go to somebody else , Anybody intrested it taking their place e mail me also .. steveclunn at .
Got so much EV work going on I haven't been on the list ,, got 6 cars to do , 3 of which are way past do , my porsche 912 with the 2 9" is and has been just sitting , no time to work on it .. I may be selling my lawn bisiness , Elelctrie mower is working great for the 2nd year , and I'm still enjoying using it ( even after dump charging 100's of times its still fun to charge at over 200 amp) but I'm starting to think I could be doing just conversions and the work is piling up .. its the " be carfull what you ask for cas you may get it " thing , I didn't know I wouldn't have time for my own stuff though.. Let's not wast band space with questions on the zilla just e mail me and if you have a order in with another dealer , please keep your order with them .
Steve Clunn .

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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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