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Thanks Dave, Bob etc on the KOH potassium hydroxide info. I found last
night after reading the Home Power article more closely that the 30% KOH,
70% water is an initial filling and the solution can get as diluted as 15%
and the battery is still functional.

The "dirty little secret" of the STM5-180's is you need to collect the
water/electrolyte at the exit tube and recycle it to the input tube as James
Weirick indicated. A tank and circulating pump is best but I have 3
seperate strings, 5ea batteries on either side of the engine/tranny mounted
5" off the road and 6ea batteries up front.

So I have 3ea exit tubes which I'll remember to put cups under and collect
the spit that occurs at the last 20% of charging and put back in my garden
sprayer tank I use for watering. I sit it on the roof of the car and open
the valve on each of the 3 plumbing circuits until the water pees out the
exit tube. I was also told that some of the water that comes out has some
electrolyte in it and to collect it as well and put back in the input tank.

Have a renewable energy day,
Mark in Roanoke, VA

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