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Beth Silverman wrote:

Thanks, Beth. This article is an excellent example of the misinformation
surrounding EVs. Superficially positive, but discouraging overall. It
trots out all the usual stereotypes and clueless experts to show the
average person that there is no hope for electric cars anytime soon,
except as super-expensive toys.

If you didn't know any better, this article would leave you with the
impression that:

- The big auto companies invented the electric car.
- They were a failure, so they pulled them off the market.
- Almost no one drives electric cars.
- No EV or plug-in hybrid can approach the range, room, or performance
of a typical family sedan.
- EVs require batteries that provide the same range as ICEs and last
for 100,000 miles.
- Even after 10 years on the market, hybrid sales are negligible.
- The EVs they list as "closest to reality" are all ultra-expensive
exotics or NEVs.

Anyone who reads this list knows better! The truth is:

- EVs have been around over 100 years; longer than ICE cars.
- The big auto companies *hate* EVs, and only build them when forced
to by government mandates.
- They never gave EVs a chance in the marketplace, and crushed them
as soon as they could defeat the mandates.
- Thousands of people were driving EVs before the mandates, and are
still doing it today.
- EVs and hybrids can already do anything a normal family car does.
- EVs already go as far on a charge as 90% of people drive per day.
- Affordable EVs use commodity batteries that you replace every so
often, just like tires, brakes, and other automotive parts.
- Hybrids are an obvious success. The numbers on the roads has been
more than tripling every year; a fantastic growth rate.
- The EVs "closest to reality" are the ones made by small companies
or homebuilt conversions, built with ordinary off-the-shelf
parts, and being used every day.
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