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I find it _very_ odd that the car burned so completely. The article
said that even all the tires burned and all that was left was scorched metal.

TS LiFePO4 cells burn more like a mattress or a couch or perhaps a
Duraflame log. Smoky and persistent, but not very spectacular (unlike
metal oxide Li-Ion cells can sometimes behave.) Thus, I can't picture
a TS LiFePO4 pack fire spreading to all the tires. Possible, but not
very likely at all.

As fanatical as some EV advocates are, there are anti-EV fanatics
that can get to the point of scary. Also, there are folks that are
angered by the success of others to the point where they do some very
crazy things. Thus, it is not inconceivable that some unbalanced
person purposefully torched the vehicle. This sort of thing happens.
It does not happen often, but all it takes is one nut with a match
and a gas can. It got national press, and that is precisely what
motivates some of these fire-bug types

Bill D.

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