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Short Summary:

1) If you think the list is broken, and you have a Yahoo address, please
don't post to the list. It isn't the list, it's Yahoo. (David, is
there an easy way for people to check if they got unsubscribed? That
would help.)

2) We can improve the success rate, so be patient.

3) Let's not turn this into a huge off-topic thread. I have some info
and some recommendations below that may help David. If you have
questions or flames, please bring 'em directly to me rather than waste
list time on off-topic stuff.


David Roden wrote:
> ----- Transcript of session follows -----
> <[deleted]>... Deferred
> Message could not be delivered for 5 days
> Message will be deleted from queue
> Reporting-MTA: dns;
> Final-Recipient: RFC822; [deleted]
> Action: failed
> Status: 4.4.7

Allow me to translate between SMTP and English:

"Hi, this is the SJSU mail server. I tried to pass your message along
to, but never to through after trying for 5 days. I'm
configured not to try any longer than that, so I'm bouncing the message,
but you really should check with those yahoos and tell them to get their
act together."

> We could configure Mailman to be even more tolerant of bounces, but I
> think all that would do is increase the time before you're disabled.
> The real problem is Yahoo.

You are correct in both statements. Having said that, if the mountain
won't come to Mohammad, Mohammad must go to the mountain.

There is a Yahoo FAQ about email issues here: or

Specifically, SJSU should be sure to:

1) Remove addresses that bounce (a real 5xx "no such user" bounce,
unlike the 477 bounce above). If SJSU can handle it, try enabling VERP
in Mailman (see or

2) Reverse DNS for metis looks good; that can be an issue if it is wrong.

3) I don't see that metis accepts SMTP from the outside world. Some
(stupid) systems attempt a back-SMTP connection to the sending server
(to verify it is a "mail server"). Unlikely in this case, but you might
have the mail/firewall admins look for back-connections to see if that
could be an issue. Also, make sure you accept or reject 113/TCP (IDENT)
connections rather than dropping them; if you silently drop them it
generally introduces a 30-second delay into SMTP transactions.

3) Consider setting up DomainKeys (
which is Yahoo's horse in the "we need new anti-spam technology" race.
Like VERP, this will probably increase the complexity and load on SJSU.

4) If these have been tried and we still have problems, David can
contact Yahoo ( to
see what else can be done.

I'm happy to answer questions about any of this, but again - off-list so
we can talk about EVs, please.

Greg Owen
[email protected]

For subscription options, see
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