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[EVDL] Osmo coupling of dewalt packs

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don't necessarily take my word for it but that looks feasible. both
wiring and arrangement


Osmo S. wrote:

> What is the best way to make parallel-series packs out of Dewalt
>packs? Does this very artistic sketch of mine make any sense?
>What size the wire making parallel connections should be?
>Any ideas how the packs should be physically placed to get as short,
>safe and sensible connections as possible?
>P.S. Jeff, it would be easier to follow the threads if you keep the
>messages you are replying to in your mails. :)

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Are you using the default BMS shipped with the DeWalt packs?

If you are, I would advise against your blue wires; they will connect
the multiple BMS's in parallel, and the BMSs may not work well when
directly connected to another BMS.

One BMS may not be enough for several packs in parallel; it will
probably try to limit the current to the safe value for one pack, and
if you remove the current-limiting connections, you may impair other
functions of the BMS.

I would recommend just using the red wires in your drawing and
skipping the blue wires. You could also connect the three middle red
wires together. That way, you'll have longer strings of cells in
parallel, instead of every single cell in parallel.

-Morgan LaMoore

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