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[EVDL] OT: Civility (was Batteries, which one would you choose?)

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Good gentlefolk,

This is off topic because the list is not for discussion of general societal
or political issues such as "political correctness." Thus, please let this
be the final word.

One of the hallmarks of the EVDL since its founding almost 20 years ago has
always been the respect that participants show for each other. We're proud
of this being one of the more civil corners of the internet.

That doesn't mean "shut up." If you think that someone else is incorrect,
for goodness sake correct him or her in a respectful, FACTUAL way. In fact
correcting misinformation here could save someone's life, or at least save
someone a pile of cash and/or a basket of sorrow.

Nor do I ever want to discourage a robust discussion about the ins and outs
of building EVs. Some things in EVs are to some extent a matter of art and
opinion. There are many paths to a desirable end. Every one of us has
something to learn from these dicussions.

However, name calling and personal insults have no place in polite society,
and they're not acceptable here. That's not being a crybaby or overly
sensitive. It's just simple civility and courtesy, the way you'd treat a
guest in your home. (At least I HOPE so.)

For the purposes of the EVDL it's nicely summed up in the good old Fidonet
Principles :

1. Thou shalt not be too annoying.

2. Thou shalt not be too easily annoyed.

In my book civility, courtesy, and tolerance are NOT "PC." They're how a
community of people get along. But if you disagree and think that being
polite is too "PC" and you don't want to do it, that's fine. You may leave
now. We won't miss you, I promise. As our founder Clyde Visser used to
say, "Be nice, or begone."

All this is pretty clearly spelled out in the list conventions. If you
haven't read them lately, please do.

Again, please let this be the FINAL WORD on this OFF TOPIC matter. Further
discussion of the issue should be carried out in private, offlist email.
You can find my private address with the instructions at the bottom of this

Thank you. Now back to your regularly scheduled EV discussion.

David Roden
EVDL Administrator

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