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If you want to build a magnet rotor motor, just for
fun, go to youtube, and search for "Newman Motor" ,
there are lots of videos of these science project
sized magnetic armature motors to look at. Build one
with your kids, make's a neat science project. They
are an interesting motor to say the least.

If this got posted twice, I apologize, I didn't think
it went through.


--- "David Roden (Akron OH USA)" <[email protected]>

> Actually, motors is an area where EVs don't really
> need much help. We
> already have well-developed designs that get
> efficiency percentages in the
> mid 90's. There is not a lot of room for dramatic
> developments in that
> department. Serial production will take care of
> affordability.
> Where we really need help is ... you guessed it ...
> it's the battery. I
> really can't think of anything else holding EVs
> back.
> David Roden
> EVDL Administrator
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