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NO !! A Protest AD against Gas Guzzlers...

This is OT, so erase me, delete me if you wish... before going on.

But...One of the folks commenting on the NISSAN ad with the polar
bare, said that the Oil Spill would be a better Message.
Well, I'm betting he will LIKE my little Protest Movie very much.

( )

This is NOT an ad so much as a kind of PROTEST YouTube movie I put
together a few years ago,.... After being kind of P#$$%d OFF crawling
round the 2008 Seattle International Auto Show, and having a very bad
time trying to find ANY vehicles that got better than 20 mpg, much less
Electric or Hybrid.

So this is just made up of bits and pieces I got off the internet, and
photos I took of all the 12 mpg vehicles, and the like.

This is OT so... don't bother clicking on this YouTube.. Unless you
are just curious.

( Hauntingly Sad background music, some might remember from the movie
"2001 - A Space Odd icy" It is by composer Khachaturian..)

( )

Steven S. Lough, Pres.
Seattle EV Association
6021 32nd Ave. N.E.
Seattle, WA 98115-7230
Day: 206 524 1351
Cell: 206 850 8535
e-mail: [email protected]

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