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[EVDL] OT PayPal protection for worrisome purchases (was:ThunderSky Yttrium Batteries

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PayPal using your credit card as the funding source gives the best protection.

If you are waiting for overseas shipment, and it drags on a bit,
PayPal can "time out". After the time out period, PayPal won't let
you open a complaint an therefore you have no protection. I'm not
sure of the period, but it is something of about 60 days. (Could be
45 days or 90 days.)

Credit card does NOT time out. You don't get the delivery, or it is
not what you ordered, the credit card company will (typically) refund
your money and extract it from the company it paid.

The beauty of paying with your credit card through PayPal is that the
vendor does not get you credit card information. An added layer of protection.

>Regarding Paypal if you use your credit card through them doesn't it
>just afford you another layer of protection? Granted an eCheck will
>only be subject to the Paypal protection, but a credit card
>transaction can be disputed no matter what the charge is through the
>card issuer.

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