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[EVDL] OT Pinto Fireball (was Tesla cobalt cells vs. lifepo)

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Those fireballs were never the fault of the Pinto. Of EVery one of those that were rear ended and exploded, the other guy should
have gotten the ticket. Of note I've had two Pinto's in my driveway for almost a year now (one is now in the garage) and neither
of them have exploded, not even once ;-)

Anchorage, Ak.

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> I don't think licensing was their primary motivation. It was expedience.
> The BMS was a shortcut to get the job done with commodity technology. Tesla
> should strongly consider transitioning to safer cells as soon as they can
> because if the BMS ever blows up in a Pinto fireball it's ALL OVER for them.
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> My guess is that they (Tesla) want to own the battery module technology and
> offer it for sale to OEMs. That being said, buying expensive, propietary
> LiFePO4 cells probably doesn't fit into that plan right now. I'd bet that
> they just cannot get the price point they want from A123.
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