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OT for the EVDL perhaps, but a hybrid human-electric might use a spring
`steada those unobtainium and tricky caps, for performance off the
line... Could be pedaling while stationary at red lights, power
re-directed from wheels, to draw a bow (spring). Green light, pop the
clutch on the bow, then intro the batt power closer to cruising speeds?
Tapping about light weight EVs in stop-and-go here... Recumbent trike
w/bow mounted under the rider sorta thing.

human-electric hybrid

--- Al <[email protected]> wrote:

> I was wondering, as relates to energy storage, what is the efficiency
> of a
> spring? How much energy do get back out of a spring versus how much
> it took
> to "stretch" it. Like batteries, this would probably vary according
> to the
> rate at which it was performed.
> A wind-up car anyone? ;-)

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