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[EVDL] OT : Re: Nichola Tesla .. and the induction based power for moving vehicles

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not differing from danny i still think that the patent on induction
based power from a conductor under the ground and a pickup
conductor on the moving vehicle is worth considering for whatever
it is worth

the one difference in ev's and such systems is that there is no
need to 'charge' the batteries .. nor even carry them

tram cars in many parts of the world have graduated to U-Bahn
vehicles .. tube railways .. underground .. subway .. metro-trains ..

bombardier has come up with the only design that i know of which
uses induced current to lift the few bogies of the urban transport
by the magnetic field that created by the induced current .. the
track is an iron clad aluminium flat plate (or is it the other way
round ?) .. they still use traction and wheels to move the train

but yes, the induced power looks very impressive when it lifts
the train !


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> The wireless electric car story was said to be Peter Savo (supposed to
> be Tesla's nephew) recounting his 1931 meeting with Tesla to Derek Ahers
> who did the writing down, but he did this telling in 1967, long after
> Tesla's era. No other records of anything like this electric car
> science exists outside the story at all, much less anything that might
> date to 1931. Tesla worked with wireless radio power, not magical
> "ether power" as claimed in the story. Nor would his high powered radio
> transmitters (fairly well understood today) be capable of anything even
> close to the performance described, and the EM would have cooked the
> occupants as well as a huge radius of countryside if such a power level
> were ever achieved.
> And to top it off, Tesla's family tree is well documented and Tesla has
> no nephew named Peter Savo. The identity of both Savo and the writer
> Derek Ahers is not known- where are they from, what did they do for a
> living, who are their parents. They are unknown persons outside the
> story.
> It is reasonable to conclude the whole story is simply a fabricated
> fantasy. It would not be the first time.
> Anyhow, it's OT for the list to debate whether it's valid or not. I'm
> Danny
> Peter VanDerWal wrote:
> >Yeah, he didn't. It's all internet myth. Nobody has ever produced any
> >documentation from that era that claims he did.
> >They always claim that the only documents were a newspaper article that
> >was destroyed in a library fire, or some similar nonsense.
> >
> >
> >
> >>Hi,
> >>Does anyone know how Nichola Tesla managed to tap into the 8Hz of
> >>energy in one of the atmospheric layers, and turn it into current to
> >>drive a car ? ?
> >>>From what I gather his equipment somehow induced a voltage from this
> >>atmospheric source.
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