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G'day All

This is a query adressed specifically to people familiar with the English
motor registration requirements.

It is on behalf of a friend who is about to pack up his life in Australia
and move to the midlands of England. His wife is an environmental scientist
who received a job offer too good to refuse, so with six weeks notice they
are getting ready to move.

He has a beloved, well maintained 1960s Mercedes-Benz sedan which he is
considering taking with him. However, if he does, is he likely to be unable
to get it registered?

I have been told that the motor registration department are quite tough on
non-UK spec vehicles, although I'd be surprised if there were any
differences between an Aussie spec and a UK spec that would make for any
registration difficulties.

If anyone has a contact in the UK registration department that he can
discuss this with, that would be very helpful.

Please respond to me directly, rather than tie up the EVDL.

Thanks in advance

[Technik] James

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