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Hello Everyone,

I have some very sad news to report. We are going to have to push the Palm
Beach Burnout date out a couple of weeks. Ron Adamowicz, The President of
ECEDRA's, father was just admitted to the hospital locally in Connecticut
and Ron is the caregiver at this time. It makes it impossible for him to
make the event. As a result, we are going to reschedule the event within
the next two to three weeks on a Saturday! We will alert everyone as to the
new date as soon as it becomes available. We apologize in advance for any
hardship this causes anyone. We pray for a speedy recovery for Mr.
Adamowicz's father during this difficult time.


Douglas A. Stansfield

Vice President,

President, Trans Atlantic Electric Conversions LLC

President, NJ Electric Auto Association

Member, Board of Directors, Electric Auto Association

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