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[EVDL] Palm Beach Burnout!!!! Get your cars ready...perfect excuse to go to Florida (

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Hey everyone....

As many of your know, I wear many hats in the EV world and one of them is as
the Vice President of the East Coast Electric Drag Racing Association.

Our first EV Drag Race of the season is coming up quickly and we are trying
our best to get the message out to the existing EV community. Even if you
don't plan to race, bring your EV down and lets make a large EV gathering
down at the track!

I know some people have special cars that are waiting to be unveiled as the
first race of the season gets ready to be kicked off! So if you were
looking for a good excuse to come down to Palm Beach....this is it!!! See
you there!!! Click the link to find out
more information.


Douglas A. Stansfield
Vice President,
President, Trans Atlantic Electric Conversions LLC
President, NJ Electric Auto Association
Secretary, Board of Directors, Electric Auto Association

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