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In my E-Cat I'm thinking of putting a larger Etek-RT 2k rpm @ 48V motor on a Johnson 9.9hp outboard with a 16x16 prop instead of the 8x8 Briggs outboard using 80A. So my current will be in the 120 - 140A range and I have the Lee Hart recommended 60A dual buddy pair fuses on the Thundersky 100ah batteries (to make 200ah pairs). I have 32 fuses for the 32 cells in parallel pairs to make 16 x 3.3 = 52.8V @ 200ah total. So I essentially have 120A worth of fusing and now need to bump them up for a larger motor/prop. I have a clump of 60A fuses and was thinking of doubling them up, another 32 60A fuses for 240A worth of fusing. I know generally you don't want to parallel fuses but not sure why it wouldn't work in this situation, if one fuse starts getting hot, increasing resistance, its' buddy will start to see more current flow and balance? I know RayChem with PTC's says you can parallel their PTC's which sounds like a similar application.

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