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[EVDL] "Payback time" (was:Reaction to US News article)

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Folks select a car for emotional, not practical reasons. However....

OEM EVs really are cost effective. It is not just the difference in
fuel cost, but that is a significant factor, especially since these
costs go up every year. The real difference is drive system
maintenance. There is none for the EV.

No oil changes. No oil filter. No fuel filter. No tune ups. No air
filter. No clutch. No catalytic converter. No exhaust system. No fuel
injectors. No alternator. No starter. No EGR valve. No fan belt.

Brakes on the Prius typically last the life of the car, and will
likely do the same on an EV.

By the time the dust settles, the total cost of ownership on an OEM
EV will be the same and likely significantly less than an ICE car.

Bill D.

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