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[EVDL] PDX area batteries

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I try to keep up with the facilities guys at work to see what kind of projects they are working on. I spoke with them yesterday and they are going to be replacing some UPS batteries over the next couple of months. I went back and had a look at what they are pulling out, and the batteries look promising for someone trying to get an EV up and running. They are sealed lead acid 180 ahr UPS batteries. I did not bother to get the part numbers so that I can look up the specs yet, but if you are in the Portland area and think you might be interested in some let me know.

Keep in mind that often UPS batteries are not the best choice for EVs for two reasons, they are not designed for mobile applications, and they are not designed for deep cyclical use since they spend most of their lives on stand by, but when you get them for free sometimes those things don't matter so much. Once I get the part numbers we can look up the specs and see how appropriate these are. They have been in service for about 5 years now. I know that they have a regular maintenance routine that they follow to keep them in shape and they monitor them closely to make sure they are ready to go when they are needed, so they should be in good shape other than the normal degradation that 5 years of stand by service puts on them.

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