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[EVDL] PFC Charger + Generator = Range Extender (possibly)

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Well, I just did an experiment with my slightly impaired (12 Optima
instead of 13) Sparrow.
I put my Kipor KGE3000Ti generator in the hatch area (propping the hatch
open about 12"!), and connected my PFC-40 charger to it. (also had both
windows open. LOTS of ventilation!)
I then drove about 4 miles to discharge the pack a little.
Started the generator, and slowly turned up the current knob on the PFC
At about 15A charge current, the Kipor triggered it's overload detector
and shut down the output. (The annoying part about this is that you
have to shut the generator off to reset it.)
So I restarted things and set the PFC for 14A charge rate.
Started driving again. The generator quickly started going into
oscillations (like someone else described.).
My Kipor has a "Disable Smart Throttle" switch, so I disabled it.
That helped somewhat, but it still started oscillating again, so I
turned the charger down to 11A.
That seems to have fixed the problem.
I was able to drive a few miles like that.

Not as much boost as I had hoped for. Only about 1650 watts out of a
3KW generator, but it will probably be enough so that I can make my
commute. (once I have a full 13 batteries again!)

I also need to build a sling to hang the generator behind/under the back
of the Sparrow. It's mildly annoyingly noisy when it's in the cab with
me, and leaves NO space for my briefcase.

I would FAR prefer a better battery pack. Using a stinky polluting
generator is NOT my idea of a good thing. It's just that I have a few
restrictions on my commute that make it the best choice I have.
A) 35 miles one way. (but I can charge at work)
B) MUST be legally a motorcycle. (No waiting for the Ferry, can use
Diamond lane on Freeway.)
C) I'm really tired of riding a motorcycle in the rain, especially when
it's 35 degrees outside in the winter.

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