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[EVDL] Pish wants to go Posh: Running Totally Green | Chico Bob gets his Leaf On

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[video] Electric Car Charging Station Goes Greener
By Justin Cooper Jan 23 2011 GREENVILLE, SC --

[ =
-Below a text transcription of WSPA flash video dialog-]

Powering your car with "volts" instead of "gallons" is becoming a =

popular way to go green. And while it still may be tough to find =

charging stations in the area, one driver is charging up "off" the =


Using the power of the sun and solar panels up here, to power cars =

down there. It's a new way to go green on the roads.

=93I like the idea that I am not using any gas to get where I want to =


Gary Davis is one of the first Chevy Volt owners in South Carolina.

=93So I unplug it and put it back in its holster...and we're done,=94 =

explains Davis.

He wanted to be able to go green on his commute, but was looking for a
way to be 100 percent green with his new ride.

=93I want to take it to the next level. I would have to have a renewable
source of energy to charge the car. If you have a new Volt and you =

plug it in to the grid, you're getting your power from coal fired =

power, you are going to pollute just as much as a Prius.=94

So he called the experts...

=93This is the first dedicated electric vehicle charging station in =

South Carolina.=94

Bruce Wood is the owner of [ ]. His company =

installed solar panels at Gary's business to help fuel the electric =

car charging station below.

=93The solar provides him clean energy and if he's not charging his car
or completed the charge for the day, it sends the excess energy back =

to the building,=94 says Wood.

Gary says solar was the obvious choice.

=93Couldn't do a windmill, couldn't do hydroelectric locally. I=92m hoping
that using solar energy to charge it will give other people the idea =

that you can use solar energy, not just for charging cars, but for =

their businesses and their homes.=94

Solar installation companies we talked to said that customers who have
solar installed in their homes have asked to make room for future =

solar charging stations as they buy more electric cars.
[=A92011 Media General Communications Holdings]

Chico Bob's Solar charged Leaf =

[video] Chico Bob Cashes In On Energy Conservation
By Kelli SAAM Jan 20 2011 =

CHICO, Calf. -- One Chico man is taking energy conservation to new =

heights, achieving energy independence. Bob Jehle, also known as Chico
Bob, is an expert at saving energy both at home and on the road.

For the last seven years, rows of solar panels in his yard have =

generated 60 percent of the electricity needed to power his home. In =

July he added more solar panels on his roof which now provide 100 =

percent of the energy he needs to power his home, and then some ...

Now Chico Bob has revved up a new way to save energy. He's the first =

person in Chico to purchase Nissan's new totally electric car, the =

Leaf ... =

He's even taking it a step further, getting the electricity needed to
power his Leaf from the solar power on his house. He estimates it will
save him about $500-600 a year on gas ...

Chico Bob says the newer solar panels available today generate twice =

as much electricity as the ones he installed seven years ago. If =

you're still on the grid, PG&E offers special rates for people who =

use electricity to charge a vehicle. =

[=A9 2011 Bonten Media Group, Inc - All Rights Reserved.]
Owner Picks Up First Nissan Leaf by Bryan Callahan 1/17/2011
He's known around town as "Chico Bob." ...


-- =

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