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[EVDL] potential used battery source

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I just found out that my next door neighbor, who works for a hospital,
works on portable xray equipment. When the unit starts giving them
errors after a few years, they replace the 9 (we think 24ah) hawker
geneses batteries. The criteria for replacement is when the controller
starts to give errors. Apparently this is when the voltage after charge
differs more than .3V / module. They measure them and when a few module
read 12.33 and the rest are at 12.66 they replace the pack.

It sounds to me like this may be a source for some nice EV batteries. He
said there are sense wires to each battery but is unsure of the
balancing circuitry. 12.33Volts sounds pretty good but a few years old
doesn't. Are the hawkers longer living than say an orbital?

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