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[EVDL] Powered by Tesla: second generation Toyota RAV4 EV

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[video] All new Toyota RAV4 EV 2011 [Powered by Tesla]
Toyota goes all electric with RAV4 model
By G. Chambers Williams III Nov 28 2010
... will be introduced sometime in 2012 ... with a =93target range=94 =

of 100 miles ... which will include a [lithium-metal-oxide] battery =

pack and other electric components built by Tesla at its plant in =

Palo Alto, Ca ... installed ... at the Toyota plant in Woodstock, =

Ontario, Canada ... Early purchasers of electrics =97 generally the =

first 100,000 for each manufacturer =97 will qualify for federal and =

some state tax rebates and credits ... [This] RAV4 Electric will be =

the second generation ... 746 of [the first] are still on the road =

... had a nickel-metal-hydride battery pack and a range of up to =

110 miles ... [Toyota's goal is] to make the driving =

characteristics of the electric RAV4 as close to those of [their] =

gasoline model ...
[image] ... Toyota/Tesla Collaboration To Build, Demonstrate And =

Evaluate 35 ... Second-Generation RAV4 EV Slated For 2012 =

LOS ANGELES, Nov 17, 2010 ... the demonstration vehicle weighs =

approximately 220 pounds more than the current RAV4 V6 yet it will =

accelerate from zero to sixty nearly as quickly. This added weight =

factor required significant retuning of major components and a =

prioritized focus on weight distribution. Not only were suspension a
nd steering modified significantly, major components needed to be =

relocated to better balance the increased mass of the battery pack. =

The demonstration vehicle Toyota is currently testing is powered =

by a lithium metal oxide battery with [usable] output rated in the =

mid-30 kwh range ... the product ... business model ... Battery =

size and final output ratings, as well as pricing and volume =

projections of the vehicle Toyota plans to bring to market in 2012, =

have not been decided.
[image] RAV4 EV ... For more information ... visit


-- =

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