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Hello, I'm from Uruguay and I'm new in the list. Greetings to everyone.

This is my first EV project.
I'm planning to convert a small car (perhaps a Fiat 850 )
or similar one, which once converted will be about 1000kg (2400lbs).

For a motor, I see two options:

a) the Sevcon PowerPak ($1525 motor & controller) 60v-84v, 425A, 25hp
peak, 4500rpm, from

b) Motor D&D ES-15-6 48v-72v DC and a Kelly Controller 24v-120v 600A
($730 + $850)

This will be a NEV and 60 kmh (40mph) and 30miles a day should be enough
in a place with no hills nor big climbs. After a lot of research and
some calculation I think a 6kw motor should be ok but I still have few
questions that I need to clarify.

1. With option a) the gearbox to go into reverse is not necessary, so if
I put a differential I can remove the gearbox and save some weight,
space and friction. I don't know if it's really a good idea or will be a

2. In therms of initial acceleration I want a similar performance to a
gassoline motor: I think 0 to 40kmh (25mph) in 5 secs is good. Do you
think any of two options I'm considering are ok to do this?

3. Are 6 batteries of [email protected] enough in any of two options?.

4. What option do you think is better? Do I miss something? Is there any
other options that I have to consider based on the intended use?


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